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Meme Mark.
Tel:01297 23329
Kim Aplin
Tel:01297 21955

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Boule Team apres action

Captain Mimi in action

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Beer Social Club - Boules


Boule Dinner 2010

Boules Info

Each game starts at 7.30 p.m. with 5 games to be played.

3 Games of pairs, each player has 3 Boules to throw; 2 Games of Triples, each player has 2 Boules to throw.

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There is a gert heap of wonderful reports from Sam and Meme available for your viewing, see the link below.

Captain Meme Captain Meme or Lanky Sam Lanky Sam Reports -

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David’s gleaming shoes? – Captain Meme reporting
Just for once we’re not playing a team from the Kings Arms; instead we face Buzz (Lightyear) and his band of space cadets from the Royal Clarence.
Episode VII “The curse of the bogey team”
Guess what; it was like getting blood from a stone removing the team from the bar, tears and temper tantrums put behind them we were ready for the off.
Still complaining not about being ejected from the bar for a change but about having to play first was Lanky Sam partnered by his cohort in crime Ozzy.
From the dark side of the force came David and his novice Tom, David’s teachings of the force were obviously incomplete as they quickly fell behind. The apprentice’s shoes were dazzlingly bright but looking at shoes of his master something had been lost in his tutelage. For when you looked at the David’s shoes they looked like they hadn’t been touch for years lustre less, cracked with flaky leather and all. This imbalance within the force enabled our two Jedi’s to swoop and clear up winning 9-2.
Now it was the turn of Smokey and Meme to enter the fray against Mike and Sandra, what was going on! Out of the first nine shots we had scored two for us and seven for the Clarence, was Sandra some sort of sorceress and Mike the master wizard? We just couldn’t stop scoring points for the dark side of the force. With Yoda and Obi wan looking down on us they struck out towards the light, light sabres at the ready Smoky and Meme launched into action. The force was strong within us facilitating our push and on the way to winning the following ends taking seven shots in a row to become victorious at 9-7.
The Emperor released his dark warriors Buzz who had been seduced by the dark side and Roger his pupil of the dark arts. Their combatants Sparky who would light the way for his apprentice Woody in the encounter to come. Buzz stood there his power cells at maximum with Roger at his side, the battle was swift and decisive had good triumphed over evil. Not in this case as the dark duo levitated to greatness devastating the opposition 2-9.
The second battle of the war started with Lanky, Sparky and Woody clashing with Mike, Sandra and the Emperor of shoes apprentice Tom. What a close encounter with both sides being on top of their game and the next one being toppled like a stack of dominoes. The flow of power ebbed threw both sides and on the brink of defeat the will of the force within Beer proved to be stronger grasping several shots in the last end to win  9-8.
It was time for the titans to meet both undefeated and looking for more conquests!
Ozzy, Smokey and Meme confronted the shadowy force of Buzz, Roger and the Emperor of shoes himself David. The battle between the two was swift and merciless, casualties in abundance and no prisoners taken. The side of darkness had been routed and defeated 9-1, vanquished from the field of conflict and the curse of the bogey team banished to the four winds!  
A lot of fun was had once again and at the expense of quiet a few and especially David and his shiny shoes!!!!!

Next week our journeys take us to the desolate and forbidding land known as Seaton football club and the Gemini piste of two half’s.

2014 Beer Club fixtures - Div 2

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