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Beer Social Club - Boules


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Each game starts at 7.30 p.m. with 5 games to be played.

3 Games of pairs, each player has 3 Boules to throw; 2 Games of Triples, each player has 2 Boules to throw.

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There is a gert heap of wonderful reports from Sam and Meme available for your viewing, see the link below.

Captain Meme Captain Meme or Lanky Sam Lanky Sam Reports -

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Kings Cavaliers V Beer Club - 15th April 2014.

The New Man Of Steel – Captain Meme reporting
Before them mayhem and mirth of this weeks report, I would just like to pay tribute to Owd Bob (Bob Ramsden). A stalwart of the team, jack restorer extraordinaire and finishing runner up in the pairs last season, sadly passed away before he could reap the rewards at the presentation night. He will be greatly missed by all in the team!
Another season starts in a new division with new faces, new places with no doubt a few challenges to conjure with.
After missing the first match of the season the Whitbread cup, as half of the team seemed to be on a cruise with the Mary Celeste and having to call upon the reserve reserves we scraped a team together.
Arriving at the Kings Arms and making sure our polar clothing was up to the weather of the evening we headed for the piste.
First to the piste were John and Mike for the Cavaliers and Chris the new man of steel and Meme for the club. With the man of steel and his metallic orbs of wonder, he and Meme took a five nil lead in the first end. Shell shocked and dazed the Cavaliers soon capitulated and found them selves on the wrong end of a 9-1 defeat, one nil up a good start to the match.
It was mixed doubles in the second game with Val and Phil battling it out with the Lady Jane and Lanky Sam for the good guys. Lanky’s mind and spirit still seemed to be in another country, as his body had been so long ago on his expedition to exotic climes. Lady Jane unleashed all her feminine charms, alas to no avail. Sir Lankyelot and his fair lady’s dream of a knight’s tale were over, with a score of 3-9.
The Cavaliers riposte was swift and with Rapiers at the ready was hoping to make it 2-1 in their favour, Sheila and Les entered the arena. We sent in the heavy weight Musketeers in the shape of Big Kim accompanied by that live wire Sparky. Revealing their raw power on the opposition, not always a sight you want to see on an empty stomach.
In a game of dejavu our dynamic duo leaped forth with a barrage of K-POW, ZAP, BIFF and K-ZAM on the Cavaliers as if they were the caped crusaders themselves, ending in a result of 9-3 again but in our favour.
Now back in front Beer’s Big Kim, Man of steel Chris and Meme would try and secure the match against John, Mike and Val.
Our trio of titans, having the alcoholic anabolic maxi muscle infusion used this wild untamed power to decimate their opponents 9-0 crossing the winning line 3-1 at the same time.
Before the last game of the arctic night we pulled another layer of thermals on. Now fully togged up Lady Jane, Lanky Sam and Sparky would conclude proceedings against Sheila, Les and Phil.
It couldn’t have looked much sweeter as our trio held a 7-2 lead but wheels have a habit of falling off wagons, don’t they! 7-2 quickly became 7-7, then 7-8 in the final showdown the Cavaliers wedged their boules in against the jack and steadied themselves for onslaught from Beer. Salvo after salvo we launched hitting the target time and again. Yes we’ve done it, the boule knocked out but joy was short lived as the boule rolled back in the hole. All the wheels had definitely wobbled and fallen off our wagon giving the Cavaliers the game 7-9. The match was still ours and a step in the right direction; you never know where it might lead us?
Next week our first home match against yet another Kings Arms team, the Jesters and more victories to come if we're lucky. Why not come and watch the fun or mayhem depending on your point of view, we won’t bite you know we’ve had tea by then.

2014 Beer Club fixtures - Div 2

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