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Beer Social Club - Boules


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Boules Info

Each game starts at 7.30 p.m. with 5 games to be played.

3 Games of pairs, each player has 3 Boules to throw; 2 Games of Triples, each player has 2 Boules to throw.

The Axe Valley Boules League AGM & Registration Night for 2016 will be at Seaton FC as usual on Tuesday 1st March, starting at 7.30pm.  Entry fee is the same as last year, £20.  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED.  If your team cannot make the AGM, let Garard Wood know in advance and we’ll sort something out.

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There is a gert heap of wonderful reports from Sam and Meme available for your viewing, see the link below.

Captain Meme Captain Meme or Lanky Sam Lanky Sam Reports -

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Axe Cliff B V Beer Club - 12th May 2015.

A case of identity – Captain Meme reporting
In a two car convoy we headed for the dizzy heights of the Axe cliff’s venue and what a view over the bay greeted us upon our arrival. It was the B team we were here to encounter and now with the formalities over it was time to get the show on the road.
Team selection made and it was Mr Carlin moment himself Lanky Sam Carlin and Meme playing Alan and Reece. In the first end we were holding one shot with a potential four on offer. With the opposition a spent force and Lanky still having three boules remaining it was worth a punt with at least one or two of them. If he could dislodge their boule four shots would be ours. No joy with the first effort a hit with the second but still no joy and everyone knew what was coming with the third. Aiming carefully Lanky unleashed his last boule which clattered amongst the huddle of boules. To no ones surprise Lanky had secured his first Carlin moment of the evening and two shots for the Axe cliff.
We never recovered from that masterpiece and we were soon five nil down which quickly turned into a score of 9-1for the Axe cliff.
The second pairing launching into action were Sparky and Badger a dynamic duo against Steve and Caroline. It wasn’t long before Beers pairing were above par and scoring a hole in one on more than one occasion. Soon it was the oppositions turn to be shouting “fore” after finding the right club in their arsenal. It was to no avail though as in the end Sparky and Badger proved just too strong for them levelling the match score by winning 9-3.
Time for the third game to Tee off with Lady Jayne and The Caterer faced Jack and Horace or was it David Bryant world famous bowls player. With his even more famous pipe or was it Sherlock Holmes smouldering away in the corner of the piste? Horace or who ever he was appeared to be quiet good at the game of boules. Could it have been the smoke screen produced by his pipe no matter what it was it was working? Our valiant heroines put up a good fight but sadly they couldn’t stop the inevitable and lost 3-9.
Sparky, Lady Jayne and Meme were up to the challenge ahead and couldn’t wait for the off. Reece, Alan and Caroline their opponents started the game off. It was a close game with both sides knowing the importance of the outcome. It was Beer who avoided the bunkers and got their puts on target. Pulling ahead and leaving the Axe cliff to ponder where they had gone wrong as they lost 7-9.
The match was all square at two a piece and now it was getting very nippy everyone wanted to get to the nineteenth hole for the grub and the warmth.
Lanky, Badger and The Caterer readied themselves for what lay ahead of them. Jack accompanied by Steve, Jack and the mystery man known as Horace with his smouldering mini bonfire. Would he be bringing a pipe of peace or was he sending smoke signal to ready for the attack. It was the latter and as the onslaught proceeded it was soon clear that it wasn’t going to be our day once again. They had lost the game 1-9 and we had lost the match 2-3 but we’d still had an enjoyable but chilly night. Back to the club house to wine and dine and a large chunk of “chewing the fat over” later we headed for Beer and home.
Next week we have no game because it’s the Whitbread cup and we have already fallen by the way side. So are next match will be at home on the 26th against Shipwrecked and the notorious Malcolm X and his femme fatale.  
Sadly this will be my last report and I will be going into journalistic retirement.
I have enjoyed my time creating a little fun and nonsense with a slice of reality and I will miss it. All good things must come to an end so farewell and good bye.
There is currently a search for a replacement scribe to replace myself a hard task indeed so watch this space.

P.S. I may be tempted to come out of retirement on the odd occasion so beware!

2015 Beer Club fixtures - Div 1

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