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Beer Social Club - Boules


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Each game starts at 7.30 p.m. with 5 games to be played.

3 Games of pairs, each player has 3 Boules to throw; 2 Games of Triples, each player has 2 Boules to throw.

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There is a gert heap of wonderful reports from Sam and Meme available for your viewing, see the link below.

Captain Meme Captain Meme or Lanky Sam Lanky Sam Reports -

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Kings Jesters V Beer Club - 15th July 2014.

“Moving on up” – Captain Meme reporting
Another week later and another Kings Arms team this time the Jesters to encounter.  Bottom of the league the jesters would relish the chance to cause an upset to high flyers Beer club.
With their Marotte’s (Jesters sticks) waving and their bells a jingling and not to mention those socks! What can you say about those except there colourful and there extremely loud and combined with shorts not a pleasant sight!
We were all eager for the off and ready for action are own Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire that’s Lady Jayne and Sparky. Faced the Jesters equivalent of Big Baz and Shirley, what a dance off this would be. Tripping the light fantastic our duo shot into action and with it a 4-0 lead, Baz and Shirley stepped up a gear straight into the quick step and after that it wasn’t so much of a case of Strictly Come Dancing, as strictly curtains for Lady Jayne and Sparky losing 4-9.
On their way to that upset the jesters released their dogs of war Roger and Tony. Lanky Sam and Ozzy were in no mood for taking any prisoners and set to work on levelling the match. Those dogs of war’s bark soon turn to a whimper and with their tails between their legs they found themselves routed 9-0.
The scores level could Greg and Olwyn forge ahead giving the Jesters the lead again or would Smokey and Meme strike first. They say lightning doesn’t strike twice but you can always rely on a case of déjà vu and with the Jesters crumbling under the pressure leaving Smokey and Meme to leave the arena like two victorious gladiators not in their prime but ones just a little frayed round the edges but still managing to win 9-0.
We had the lead could we keep it? Big Baz, Roger and Tina faced across the expanse of the piste Lanky, Ozzy and Sparky. It quickly became apparent that it was a slippery slope for the Jesters. Tina’s feminine charms were like water off a ducks back and no match for steely determination. Even the onslaught of the squadrons of midges couldn’t stop Beers trio from sealing victory 9-4.
We had triumphed but could we cement our victory by taking the last game of the night, mortar to the point will it keep us at the top of the table next week.
Tina’s feminine charms hadn’t worked, would three times the power do it? The Jesters answer to the Sugar Babes Di, Olwyn and Shirley thought it just might.
Swinging into action for the club were stalwarts Lady Jayne, Smokey and Meme. Who leaped into a 5-0 lead and then it all started to get a bit fruity for the Sugar babes and unfortunately a bit pear shaped for us. Five nil quickly became five all then five, eight in favour of the jesters. Beer stopped the riot by taking one in the next end, still on the brink of defeat we headed straight for our glasses, not the optical ones silly. Downed some fortification and went for it, Jayne trail blazing, Meme springing the jack and holding shot and Smokey scoring the vital points for the conquest over the Jesters at 9-8.
The game wasn’t quite as one sided as it looked and I expect it’s been the same for most of the season. We had a great night as we did the last time we played them, plenty of fun and frivolity sadly as things stand even if we stay in this division they won’t be what a shame!
Our minds are drawn to next week’s adventure against the Royal Clarence A who has been our bogey team in the past so let hope next week we are bogey free! Why not come along and find out we’re at home!

2014 Beer Club fixtures - Div 2

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