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Beer Social Club - Boules


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Each game starts at 7.30 p.m. with 5 games to be played.

3 Games of pairs, each player has 3 Boules to throw; 2 Games of Triples, each player has 2 Boules to throw.

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There is a gert heap of wonderful reports from Sam and Meme available for your viewing, see the link below.

Captain Meme Captain Meme or Lanky Sam Lanky Sam Reports -

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Beer Club V Ship Castaways - 21st April 2015.

A Cunning Plan – Captain MeMe reporting
It was the start of the season officially and back playing in the first division at that, hoorah. We assembled at our watering hole Beer club and waited for the Castaways to dock.
We were slightly depleted with Sparky and Lanky away, so we were at least in for a serene and stress free night!
This season we are adopting a random selection strategy with everybody getting a game. Will it make a difference to the results only time would tell?
The castaways weighed anchor and headed for the piste. Where the team selection was then committed onto paper ready for the off. We were looking forward to welcoming Badger back into the fold after his absence of last season. Strangely there was no sign of him? After a phone call we discovered that he’d got the days mixed up, thinking Tuesday was Thursday and Thursday was Tuesday and so on. Maybe those senior moments are creeping up fast? This threw proceedings into minor chaos not as much though if a certain personage had graced us with his presents.
So the first pair would play second and the second pair would play first leaving Lady Jayne and MeMe to set the wheels in motion against Nick and Ian. They gave a fine performance just like Fred and Ginger dancing rings around their opponents. Quickly the duo waltzed to a winning score line of 9-1.
It was time for the memory man Badger himself and Smokey to try and scupper the pairing of Sarah and Nigel from the Ship. Both sides unleashed salvo after salvo but it was the visiting pair who scuppered Beer’s duo 0-9.
Now back on track with the third pairings playing in their rightful slot. The Caterer and The Count started with launching a broadside offensive against Alan and Pete. Both sides were trying to out manoeuvre each other with tack and counter tack. It was the Castaways that jibed and Beer took full advantage pouncing to win 9-3, now two one up we were looking forward to the triples.
The Caterer, The Count and MeMe picked up the gauntlet thrown down by Steve, Sarah and Nigel. The castaways raced into a substantial lead only for it all to be drawn level once again. The Ships trio unfurled the spinnaker and slipped away crossing the finishing line 9-6, all square in the match once again.
The Ship now revealed its cunning plan substituting Ian for Alan at the last moment. Some story about Ian’s wife being on her way to pick him up after her evening’s soiree, you know as well I do no man does what he’s told by his wife!!!!! Well most of the time! So no doubt it must have been some tactical cunning master plan to sink Beer’s chances. It would now be Nick, Pete and Alan duelling for supremacy with Smokey, Lady Jayne and Badger. Justice was seen to be done as Beers trio cruised ahead leaving the Ships team in its wake 9-4 and winning the match 3-2. The first of many to come we hope! Afterwards we headed to the bar to celebrate and dine on the taste of victory and fine vitals provided.
Next week we will be away to the venue of the midge and gnat, the Kings arms and its fellow promotion team and league winners the Kings arms A. Why not come along to watch and lose all feeling in your extremities and asset’s just like the rest of us mad enough to be playing.

2015 Beer Club fixtures - Div 1

You can sort this table by clicking on the Headers: Date, Home or Away. Note that Harbour B have moved to the Ship and are called the "Ship Castaways".

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