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April 19th
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Beer Social Club - Meme's Boules Reports

Beer Club V Eyre Court A - 19th April 2016.

To bar or not to bar that is the drink? – Captain Meme reporting
It was a pleasant evening but just a little on the brass monkey side, but that hadn’t deterred the Eyre’s court who where chomping at the bit. They where swarming all over the piste like a colony of ants. Meanwhile I was trying to loosen our ram shacked bunch of misfits grip on the drink, having to use a metaphorical crow bar to prize them away from the bar, what a struggle!
Jayne and Lynne conscripted member to the newly formed attitude police, who were taking on the daunting task of keeping us in order! Where up against Trev and Tracy in the first game. All that practice before we finally got to the piste paid dividends for the away team as they won 1-9.
Sparky and Meme were next against Pat and Bob; I don’t know what they’d done to the jack? No matter how close we got they always seemed to be able to plonk their boule right on that little red object of desire the jack. With a touch of déjà vu our duo fell by the wayside 1-9.
We must win all remaining games if we were to avoid defeat, Lanky Sam freshly tanned from his winter in the sun and Smokey had to do the biz on Gary and Ray.
In a game that swung to and fro just like a pair of dangling love orbs it was Lanky and Smokey who were the victors winning 9-5.
With our chances of winning still hanging by a thread Lynne, Smokey and Meme faced off against Trev, Tracy and Ray. It was time for us to step into “Top gear” minus Jeremy of course and cursing down that stony highway to success 9-3.
All square! And all to play for in the last game of the night “The winner takes it all” as in the words of the famous song.
Lady Jayne, Sparky and Lanky Sam stood on the piste boules at the ready to battle Pat, Gary and Bob, but who would do the dirty on who? 
In a game of epic proportions we edged the lead only to be pegged back. Slowly but surely the power of the tan started to exude confidence “floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee”, aiding the trio to win the game 9-3 and the match 3-2.
What a match, so close, coming from two nil down but luckily we ended up on the winning side.
Next week we’re away to the Golden wonders at the Golden hind and that delicate perfume of eau de toilette of farm yard wafting in the air and up your nostrils! 

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The Whitbread Cup - 12th April 2016.

Decisions, Decisions? – Captain Meme reporting
The dawn of a new season and would it be a case of getting out the thermals? Especially as it seems at the moment to be a different season nearly every day of the week!
Freshly demoted from the top flight of boules yet again! We were eager and ready for the off, well most of us were!
We were at home and the visiting team were the White hart movers an adversary we had faced in the past.
We were in a quandary with the Whitbread cup game as we were promoting a new competition the “Knocked out cup” and the decision was to go all out for the win or not and entered into the inaugural new competition. We would play for the win and hope for the best.
The game got underway with Station master Pete the stalwart reserve against Jason. With a full head of steam Pete got underway and reached the end of the line with little trouble 9-2.
Round two saw Lady Jane verses Laura and with weapons of choice at the ready, boules not handbags.
The feminine charms of Lady Jane got her through in a very tight game 9-8.
Nick the new boy on the block and in at the deep end, in a one to one with Jim a wily adversary.
It proved too much for Nick being vanquished 0-9 from the field of battle.
Even though Lanky Sam was absent he was with us in spirit with several of those world renowned Carlin moments thrown in just to liven things up a bit.
Sparky that wiry and tough competitor took on Matt. Keeping his fuse with tolerance and plugging in so to speak he took victory 9-5.
Up next against Dan, who was in for some friendly stick from Sparky his boss. Did the mind games have any affect? Maybe it did because in the end Smokey was triumphant 9-2.
The match now won, it was time for yours truly to take to the piste, having kept himself back like a coiled cat ready to leap into action at the decisive moment. Slightly deflated at the match being already won I was now playing for pride. Not to worry Meme ran out a 9-5 winner against Steve to round off a resounding victory 5-1. In the next round we will face the Ship Castaways at home; will we be as successful against first division opposition?

Next week will the thermals be out in force when we play Eyre court A at home let hope not!

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