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Fun for all with Skittles!

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Beer Social Club - Colyton League Skittles

The Club has five teams in the Colyton Skittles league.
The Club B team is in Division 2, Beer Albion, Club A and Vikings are in Division 3 and Club C in Division 5.
The Club A and B teams play on the bottom alley, the other 3 teams are on the top room alley's. (Many thanks to Kelvin Llewelyn and Mark Tims for making the 2nd alley).
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League Tables Updated 14/01/2017.

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Division 1

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}

Division 2

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}


Division 3

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}


Division 4

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}


Division 5

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}

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Colyton Skittles League Results. Updated 14/01/2017

The Mike SansomĀ  Nomination Trophy Final result.
Winner:- Clifford Every (Vine A)59, Runner-up:- Malcolm Wheaton (Hon Con D)54, A Deen (Three Tuns BTP)53, M Summers (Red Lion Cavaliers)51, C Hutchings (Eagle Tavern)48, A Hurford (Kingfisher B)43, B Pike (Colcombe A)38, D Park (Seaton fc B)37, C Miller (Red Lion A)36, O Boatwright (Red Lion Sid)35, M Clode (Rising Sun B)28, D Dower (Tuckers A)26, P Beviss (Cloakham B)26, R Hartley (Hon WMC A)21, B Dicks (Lamb B) 9;

Div 1
Lamb B 342 (C Moulton 60) Red Lion A 334 (C Miller 71); Axminster Con A 356 (G Stuckey 75) New Inn A 351 (D Jones 72); Tuckers Arms B 368 (P Strawbridge 69) Honiton Con D 346 (S Tratt 67); Gerrard A 348 (R Gay, M Johnson 60) Seaton FC A 370 (M Pavey 67); Colyton Club A 346 (R Tedbury 66) Vine B 342 (G Wright 65); Colcombe A 452 (R Parsons 92) Cloakham B 428 (M Enticott 86); Red Lion Cavaliers 388 (M Summers, W Phillips 76) Lamb A 362 (S Pomeroy, P Pomeroy 68);

Div 2
Eagle Tavern 395 (B Hutchings 77) Offwell A 349 (D Spragg 72); Honiton WMC A 343 (S Pye 67) Sidbury Stones 325 (R Chambers 60); Vine A 343 (P Eveleigh 65) Volunteer A 319 (M Turner 60); Tuckers A 360 (J Gostling, M Huskins 68) Kings Arms Beers 356 (J Gladstone 66); Dolphin Vikings 358 (M Newton 65) Gerrard B 388 (C Trivett 69); Wheelwright A 304 (Paul Squires 59) Honiton Converts 317 (S Lapping 62); Ship C 360 (B Webber 63) Colcombe Beerboys 355 (S Bartlett 68);

Div 3
White Hart B 325 (N Pritchard, P Bowler 63) Red Lion Sidbury 350 (O Boatwright 70); Cloakham Wanderers 351 (E Barnes 69) Colcombe B 358 (T Yates 67); Three Tuns BTP 286 (A Deen 54) Vine Nomads 317 (P Norman 60); Sidbury Village Inn 349 (J Smith 67) Wilmington Harts 368 (J Woollacott 70); Volunteer B 324 (Caroline Canniford, N Broom 63) Mountbatten Whites 298 (A Webb 55);

Div 4
Honiton Con A 357 (M Richards 70) Tuckers Arms C 312 (R Dare 56); Honiton ConArtists 355 (M Joslin 64) Axminster Inn A 338 (A Beer 62); Rising Sun A 358 (A Baldwin, B Venn 63) Winstons A 339 (M MacGarrigle 65); Kings Arms A 316 (R Allen 69) Rising Sun B 333 (M Clode 63); New Inn B 327 (D Hodder 60) Honiton WMC B 318 (G Hart 69); Seaton FC B 338 (D Park 63) Heathfield A 342 (M Philipps 66);

Div 5
Offwell B 392 (R Hembrow 69) Kingfisher B 382 (B Dowell 73); Winstons KOOTS 333 (J Miles 61) Tuckers Arms D 344 (D Jowett 69); Honiton Con Raiders 351 (S Eveleigh,N Foster 63) White Hart A 365 (B Parr 67); Seaton Bowling club 305 (T Hurley-Smith 61) Sidmouth Arms Kings 284 (S Fuller, J Johnson 52);

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Colyton Skittle League - Beer Club fixtures for 2015 /2016 (History eh!).

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