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Beer Social Club - Colyton League Skittles

The Club has six teams in the Colyton Skittles league.
The Club B team is in Division 2, Beer Albion, Club A and Vikings are in Division 3, Club D in Division 4 and Club C in Division 5.
The Club A and B teams play on the bottom alley, the other 4 teams are on the top room alley's. (Many thanks to Kelvin Llewelyn and Mark Tims for making the 2nd alley).
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League Tables Updated 20/04/2014.

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Play off's are:
Div 1 Relegation - Colyton Club, Gerrard B; Div 2 Relegation - Beer Vikings, Harbour A, Sidbury S.C. A
Div 4 Champiions - Beer S.C. A, Three Tuns Hammers. All other results as per league tables.

Division 1

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}

Division 2

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}


Division 3

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}


Division 4

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}


Division 5

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}

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Colyton Skittles Results. Updated 12/09/2014

K.O. Cup
Lamb A 347 (D Webb 69) Red Lion Cavs 327 (D Morgan, M Summers 58); Cloakham B 362 (M Enticott 76) Cloakham Wanderers 336 (A Freeman 72); Honiton Converts 418 (S Lapping 77) Sidbury Stones 370 (M Hill 77); New Inn B 313 (P Ross 57) Red Lion A 340 (C Miller 64); Colcombe BeerBoys 339 (G Westlake 60) Honiton WMC A 376 (Lorraine Pye 72); Offwell Rejects 360 (T Hembrow 66) Cloakham C 382 (P Hageman 73); Ship C 362 (R Gush 73) SIdbury A (Villagers) 334 (N Peters 67); Honiton Con D 349 (W Tratt, M Wakley 65) Offwell A 375 (J Lockyer, J Monkhouse 72); Rising Sun A 349 (A Baldwin 65) Honiton Con A 338 (K Kelly 62); Volunteer A 328 (T Williams 60) Beer B 320 (S Somers 59);Honiton WMC B 313 (W Morgan, G Richards 56) Kingfisher A 356 (M Rowland 63); Colyton Club 352 (G Foxwell 67) Beer D 329 (M Hopkins 60); Mountbatten Whites 344 (S Bonetta 65) Volunteer B 364 (M Spink 66); Colcombe B 371 (V Woods 74) Sidbury Lions 389 (J Beaton 74); Axminster Inn A  gave game to Gerrard A (Ax inn do not go into Tony Hawkins Cup); Tuckers B 388 (D Freeth 81) Beer Vikings 388 (A Parkhouse 77)Tuckers B won extra hand 58 – 42; Tuckers C 377 (T Patch 70) White Hart A 364 (B Parr 71); Awliscombe Harts 422 (R Netherway 79) Honiton Con BTP 417 (I Wilson 79); Beer A 357 (D Copp 69) New Inn A 353 (D Jones 73); Heathfield B 355 (M Glaeser 73) Winstons A 356 (B Parker 63); White Hart B 366 (D Etherington 73) Seaton Bowling 315 (P Greenwood 65); Eagle Tavern 385 (M Jackson 78) Heathfield A 359 (J Willis 70); Colcombe A 399 (R Parsons 80) Three Tuns Hammers 364 (D Spiller 68); Ship B 342 (G Mabon 69) rising Sun B 358 (K White 69); Kingfisher B 313 (A Hurford 59) Vine B 371 (K Gush 66); Beer Albion 314 (M Graham 58) Honiton Conartists 339 (J Westwood 69); Vine A 348 (C Maher, C Every 63) Beer C 314 (Natalie Gribble 60); Tuckers A 373 (C McGowan, J Gostling 65) Winstons B 368 (N Widger 76); Lamb B 311 (D Lucas 63) Seaton AFC A 294; Seaton AFC B 362 (D Park 73) Gerrard B 356 (M Orsman 67); Old Inn Kings 296 (D McCullum 55) Kings Arms A 297 (K Tozer 52); Honiton Con B 335 (D Norman, K Munt 61) Wheelwright A 355 (P Hammett, C Hammett 65); Axminster Con A 353 (I Macdonald 66) P J ‘ S 284 (Cathy Jenkins 57);

KO Cup 2nd round. To be played by 12th Oct.
Axminster Con A  v  Awliscombe Harts;

KO Cup 3rd round.    To be played ON 31st Oct.
Cloakham B v Gerrard A, Lamb A v Beer A, Volunteer B v Colcombe A, White Hart B v Colyton Club, Axminster Con A  or  Awliscombe Harts v Rising Sun B, Vine B v Hon Conartists.Wheelwright A v Volunteer A, Rising Sun A v Tuckers B, Kingfisher A v Lamb B, Seaton AFC B v Hon Converts,Vine A v Eagle Tavern,Winstons A v Sidbury Lions, Ship C v Tuckers C, Hon WMC A v Tuckers A,Kings Arms A v Red Lion A, Offwell A v Cloakham C.

Tony Hawkins Knocked-Out Cup 1st round, to be played by 12th Oct.
P J'S v Hon Con BTP

Tony Hawkins Knocked-Out Cup 2nd  round, to be played ON 31st Oct.
Cloakham Wanderers v Bye, Red Lion Cavs v New Inn A, Mountbatten Whites  v Three Tuns hammers, Seaton Bowling v Beer D, P J ‘ S or Hon Con BTP  v Ship B, Kingfisher B v Beer Albion, Hon Con B v Beer B, Hon Con A v Beer Vikings, Hon WMC B v Seaton AFC A, Gerrard B v Sidbury Stones, Beer C v Heathfield A, Heathfield B v Colcombe B, Sidbury A (Villagers) v White Hart A, Colcombe BeerBoys v Winstons B, Old Inn Kings v New Inn B, Hon Con D v Offwell Rejects.

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Colyton Skittle League - Beer Club fixtures for 2014 /2015

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