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Beer Social Club - Colyton League Skittles

The Club has five teams in the Colyton Skittles league.
The Club B team is in Division 2, Beer Albion, Club A and Vikings are in Division 3 and Club C in Division 5.
The Club A and B teams play on the bottom alley, the other 3 teams are on the top room alley's. (Many thanks to Kelvin Llewelyn and Mark Tims for making the 2nd alley).
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League Tables Updated 01/03/2015.

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Division 1

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}

Division 2

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}


Division 3

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}


Division 4

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}


Division 5

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {D} {L} {Pts}

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Colyton Skittles Results. Updated 01/03/2015

KO Cup semi-finals, Red Lion A v Colcombe A (at New Inn), Ship C v Lamb A (at Colcombe Castle);

KO’D Cup semi-finals, Honiton Con D v Three Tuns Hammers (at Vine), Cloakham Wanderers v Beer Vikings (at Kingfisher);

Captain’s Cup final result (played at Gerrard Arms).
Winner-Matt Woollacott (Hon Con BTP) 60; Runner-up Sheila Davenport (Vine A) 59; Mark Enticott (Cloakham B)58; Simon Flint (Red Lion A)56; Charlie Hutchings (Eagle Tavern) 55; Dave Park (Seaton AFC B) 55; Gill Quick (Heathfield B) 53; Jamie Tucker (Gerrard B) 53; Roger Gibbons (White Hart B) 52; Gerald Miller (Cloakham C) 52; Tony Underdown (Gerrard A) 51; Nigel Barrett (Sidbury Lions) 50; Graham Sweetland (Sidbury Stones) 49; Brian Pike (Colcombe A) 41; Maxy French (Seaton AFC A) 25;

Div 1
Gerrard A 303 (M Bright 59) Honiton Converts 299 (D Hedditch 54); Lamb B 331 (B Dicks 61) Cloakham B 348 (M Enticott 73); Hon WMC A 322 (Lolly Pye 59) Honiton Con D 370 (K Vaughn 68); Red Lion A 386 (Jo Flint, S Flint 70) Axe Con A 380; Colyton Club 367 (S Hitchcock 72) Colcombe A 345 (R Parsons 62); Vine B 363 (G Wright 66) Red Lion Cavaliers 344 (M Summers 65); New Inn A 354 (G Smith 66) Lamb A 368 (T Moore 72);

Div 2
Eagle Tavern 381 (M Jackson 79) Gerrard B 360 (G Richards 65);Volunteer A 344 (M Turner 63) Ship C 305 (N Ostler 63); Seaton Town AFC A 370 (D Nicholas 70) Mountbatten Whites 352 (T Revell 72); Winstons B 355 (R Sweetland 63) Wheelwright A 363 (C Hammett 74); Beer B 337 (J Gladstone, D Hutchings 61) Vine  A 325 (G Doidge 63); Tuckers B 368 (D Gould, K Tratt 63) Sidbury Stones 367 (N Hil 67);

Div 3
Sidbury village inn 378 (S Perry, B Holland, J Pinn 65) Volunteer B 357 (S Isaac 66);Colcombe B 405 (M Bleakin 77) Beer Albion 369 (D Williams 85); Three Tuns Hammers 370 (N Hodges 73) Awliscombe Harts 382 (S Land 81); Beer Vikings 335 (S Jackson 61) Sidbury Lions 335 (J Beaton 63); Offwell A 383 (B Grant 70) Beer A 392 (M Westlake 74); White Hart B 354 (D Etherington 66) Colcombe Beerboys 381 (N Hales 69);

Div 4
Axminster Inn A 318 (G Ansty 65) Seaton AFC  B 3298 (Carole Griffiths 55); Kings Arms A 360 (K Cooke 75) Tuckers C 332 (R Dare 66); Rising Sun B 372 (D Perryman 67) Kingfisher A 365 (M Rowland 65); Honiton Con BTP 343 (R Williems 64) Honiton Con A 320 (G Mills 58); Honiton ConArtists 373 (M Joslin 70) Tuckers A 421 (M Huskins, S Thomas 76);

Div 5
Seaton Bowling 328 (P Greenwood 66) Honiton WMC B 294 (W Morgan 57); Heathfield B 317 (Jenny Broom 62) Beer C 339 (Emma Westlake 67); Honiton Con B 365 (P Norman 71) Winstons A 324 (M McGarricle 59); Kingfisher  B 250 (A Hurford 53) Offwell B 294 (T Hembrow, Annie Riggs, R Hembrow 51);

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Colyton Skittle League - Beer Club fixtures for 2014 /2015

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