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Come and watch the excitement in the bottom skittle alley.

What better is there to do on a dreary Summer's night?


Beer Social Club - Champins League Skittles

Champins League Skittles is played on a Saturday night.
All Matches start at 8pm. £2 to be paid by each player each game to cover sticking up and alley fees.
Teams to use as many players as they want, however, nobody may play for two teams.

One hand must be played nomination hand (no score until the front pin has fallen).

Fixtures - Updated 14/07/2013

Earlier results and postponed games will move to the bottom of the fixture list. Use Blue scroll bar to move down the list. Highest Score - S.Reeve 74
Note that Pool 2 fixtures are a tad messed up now! Ashley may have a better idea of the true fixtures.

League Tables - Updated 14/07/2013