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2011 Team Captains

All In -
Martin Jennings;

MPs and thieves - Rich Westlake;

NABS - Pat Newton;

Perfect Arrows - Kate Boalch;

Plumbers Mates - Callum Gribble

Smash & Grab -
Jack Bottomley;


Beer Social Club - Inter League Darts

Inter League Darts was a new idea for Summer 2009, it was not played in 2010, but resumed for 2011. Congratulations to Plumbers Mates for winning in 2011. The 2009 winners were Fifty plus.

Inter League Tables and Info - Updated 6th August 2011

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Games start at 8.30pm, Home team to mark and £1.00 fee for each player every week.

Pos Team P W L D F A Pts
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {L} {D} {F} {A} {Pts}

There are 6 teams in the league, each team will play every week. That means 3 games going on at once.

There will be 8 points up for grabs for each match and will consist of: 4 alternating pairs and 4 singles. Both 501 straight start.

Anything of note this week: 06/08/2011
Where were "All In"?







2011 Inter League Darts Fixtures and Results