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2011/12 All Winners
All Winners 2011/12

2009/10 All Winners
All Winners 2009/10

2008/9 League Winners:
Skylarks - Skylarks

All Trophy Winners
All Trophy Winners

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Beer Social Club - Inter League Skittles

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The Inter League is a Beer Club only league played throughout the winter in the bottom Skittle Alley. Ashley Stephens is the main organiser and great fun is had by all.
N.B. a "9" spare is called a missed spare and does not count towards spares totals.
2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

League Table for 2015/16. Updated 27/01/2016

Unfortunately I am not being updated with scores but this page is good to view the League Table. Click on any header except Ave to sort the table.

Pos Team P W L D Pts Ave
{Pos} {Team} {P} {W} {L} {D} {Pts} {Pin_Diff}

Highest Scores will be given out at the presentation evening.









* Points adjusted for fielding non Club member.

Inter League Fixtures. Updated 27/01/2016.

Earlier fixtures and postponed games will move to the bottom of the fixture list. Use Blue scroll bar to move down the list. "c" = Cancelled.


Inter League Award Winners 2014/2015

Congratulations also to the Exiles on winning the league and all prize winners.
Unfortuntely the league was a tad messed up with the Steward leaving but
Award Winners as known are as below:

Category Trophy Winner
League Winners Chairman's Trophy The Exiles
League Runners Up Tom Entwistle Shield Unknown
Ladies Highest Score Perry & Hutchings Shield L. Smale
A. Gladstone
Men's Highest Score Joyce Hill Cup

M. Westlake
A. Kenworthy

Ladies Most Spares Nobby & Doc Trophy Unknown
Men's Most Spares Albert French Trophy Unknown
Ladies Highest Average Vernon Cawley Shield Unknown
Men's Highest Average Jack Burroughs Cup Unknown
Captains Highest Average Mick Leach Trophy Unknown
  Wooden Spoon Unknown
Best Sticker Up Steve Ward Shield  
Most Bolters   Unknown
Most Sunshines   Unknown

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ChampionsInter League Roll of Honour

Click on any header to sort the Table.

Year Season Winners
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Inter League Rules for 2014/2015 Season

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