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Ask the Steward for username and password to gain access to live results sheet.
It's in his little blue book where he ticks you off each week.

Blow it - I forgot to pay!!!



Beer Social Club - Not A Lottery Information

The Not A Lottery game goes on throughout the year. You must be a member to play and it costs £1 a week to enter. You must be fully paid up before the Lottery Draw (Saturday draw only) has started. If you do not pay for a week or two, you must pay the full amount of arrears to count for the next draw.
If one of your numbers comes up when you have not paid, even if you pay up after the draw you must wait again until that number counts (Brown indicator).

If you are paid up and one of your numbers is drawn it will go green. To win you must have all six numbers go green. If several people get all six on the same night, the winnings are shared equally between them.

Each week £5 will be paid to whoever is opposite the bonus number. Your Bonus number changes each week. If the bonus is too high, the money just stays in the pot.

Not A Lottery - Explanation of Results

The up to date results are on the Results page and are password protected. The steward will give a lottery member the username and password. Hopefully the results will be updated every Saturday just after the Lottery Draw.

Section Of Lottery Results

Name - Sorted Surname - First name.
No 1 et seq - Your chosen lottery numbers
Paid - Y = Yes you have paid, N = Not Paid, NY = Did not pay for a week(s), but now paid
Count - Number of valid winning numbers on your line. Brown numbers do not count as you were not paid up when that number was drawn.
Bonus - Your Bonus Number for that week.

Where do you appear in the list? - Each week the list is sorted. First by Count, then Surname, then First Name.

Colour Information

Colour Info.

Want to Join In?

You can't joint in the middle of a game, but just tell the Steward you want to start next time and give him the entry fee. Come on --- Join in the fun!