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Target Quiz


Beer Social Club - Target Quiz League

Quizmasters Dave and Fiona


The Beer Target Quiz League was formed as part of the Beer Club revival project and is headed by Dave Hutchings and Fiona Bell.
Photo shows them relaxing after the 2014 Quiz Final.


Final Ever League table after May 2016 quiz. Updated 22/05/2016.

Final Quiz League Table
Pos Team Pts
1 Wild Cards 357
2 All Sorts 344
3 Beer Floaters 339
4 The Hardest Part 309
5 Beer Mugs 292
6= Last Again 283
6= Wear The Fox Hat 283
8 Northerners + 1 282
9 Fab Four 276


There was lots on in Beer on Sat 21st May, so sadly only four teams turned up for the Final of the Target Quiz. Before the night All Sorts held a small 2 point lead over Wild Cards, so who would bring their "A" game? It turned out to be Wild Cards who amassed 85 points compared to All Sorts 70. Beer Floaters were actually 2nd on the night with 71 points and The Hardest Part 4th on 65.

Despite the small turn out everyone had a great time and look forward (hopefully) to next winter's quiz where sadly Fiona won't be able to make it so it looks like the 2 Daves will be in charge.


Quiz Dates for 2016/7

All quizzes were on a Saturday evening starting at 8:00pm. The dates for 2016 would have been:- 8th October, 19th November and 17th December.

Photo's of the 2016 Final with Wild Cards, All Sorts, Beer Floaters and The Hardest Part.